About us


About Fitnessway

Who we are?

Fitnessway gym Established in 2015, the Company began to operate the community Gyms for the public.

Fitnessway specializes in the management and operation of sport facilities and swimming pools in a professional manner based of the nature of the region and the needs of the community in different ages and commensurate with the vision and of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in terms of sport and its impact on the community and its positive impact in the service of the local community and the world.

To provide the adequate sport services to all different categories of community with focusing on fitness and health.
To be the best in providing sport community in the Middle East.

Why Fitnessway?

Our motto is exercise for keeping your body fit and health.
We provide sport services to all community categories (men ,ladies ,teenagers ,kids) each category has its specialize system.
Provide healthy services, reducing body fat and providing healthy meals to help you reaching the best results.
Providing best sport environment, Provide best qualified trainers.
Provide best fitness equipment's.
Organize fitness Competition and Sport events.
Fixing swimming pool with Maintenance.
Provide gym equipment’s (Commercial, Home).
Experience in Operating And managing Sports Organizaitons.